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Cat's Eye Emerald, 8.04ct

Mined in Zambia | Certified by IGI

Listing ID: 8802869

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Gemstone Natural Cat's Eye Emerald
Origin Zambia
Carat Weight 8.04 Carats
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.26 x 11.99 x 6.98 mm
Shape Round
Cutting Style Cabochon
Color Intense Green
Clarity Translucent
Cat's Eye Sharpness Very Clearly Visible Chatoyance (Super Sharp)
Treatments Moderate Enhancement with Oil
Note about Oiling As per our store policy, we don't stock heated, treated or enhanced gemstones.However, most emeralds, due to their growth conditions in nature and recovery methods, contain surface reaching features.For this reason, clarity enhancement - particularly with oil - is a common and inevitable trade practice.
Certified By IGI
Stone ID R15207
Listing ID: 8802869

About Cat's Eye Emeralds

Emeralds, which are already considered very rare, can sometimes have an even rarer variety displaying the optical effect of chatoyance (cat's eye effect) which is more commonly seen in minerals like chrysoberyl, tourmaline, apatite, etc.
Such cat's eye emeralds are an extremely rare occurrence in nature and are sought after by collectors for their uniqueness. The reason for the cat's eye effect is the presence of numerous parallel narrow tubes that reflect light off the surface of the stone when cut en cabochon.

Although this variety of emerald can originate in any of the known locations where emeralds are found, they are more commonly found in emeralds from Brazil and Zambia.
As is the case with all gemstones displaying chatoyance, the sharpness of the cat's eye effect and the transparency has a big contribution to its value. Emeralds having good transparency and a sharp cat's eye effect, are very hard to find and can be quite valuable.

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